Want to Grow Your Blog Audience? Answer these Questions First

The company website is up and running, as is your blog. Congratulations! You are excited to get people to your site, and to educate them about your company’s widget—that special something that only you can offer. An active blog is a great way to grow brand awareness and bring traffic to a company website and, when you invest the time, it can evolve into an incredible marketing channel. Content’s reputation as a growth engine has spread, letting savvy writers and content creators impact a company’s overall marketing strategy in a powerful way. (more…)

My Worst Moment, The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

Change is inevitable.  More often than not, it happens so gradually that we don’t notice it all. Other times, it has a nasty habit of showing up without permission or notice. It rains on us before we even realize there’s going to be a storm. The only say we get in the matter is in the choices we make in the face of these changes. It is in those choices that we shape ourselves. (more…)

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