A Step-by-Step Plan for Finding the Right Job for You

Looking for a job is hard. You have to find an opportunity, write something interesting about yourself and the company in a cover letter, tailor your resume to the specific job, interview for many hours, and then decide whether the job is right for you. There are plenty of resources out there for  finding jobs writing interesting cover letters, making the perfect resume, and answering interview questions. I’m going to cover the last part, finding the right job for you. (more…)

Startup Institute Announces Partnership with Winterline Global Education Gap Year

Startup Institute announces its partnership with Winterline Global Education, a skills-based, international gap ­year program that offers ­nine-month, semester, and summer programs to recent high school graduates and college students. Students currently enrolled in Winterline’s nine-month Global Skills Program will spend nine days at Startup Institute’s Boston campus to take part in a series of sessions focused on learning about the business of high-growth companies, startup culture, crafting a career theme, and interview skills. (more…)

How Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Have Shaped My Career in Tech

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis recently came out with a new album, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made. While they may seem new, they’ve actually been doing their hip hop duo thing since 2008. They’ve accomplished some amazing things since then: like being the first independent artists to hit #1 in the Billboard Top 100 since 1994. And did you know that they have their own record label, Macklemore, LLC? That’s pretty cool, but what does this have to do with my career in technology? (more…)

Congrats to Our New Grads and Award Winners at the Spring 2016 Talent Expo

At Startup Institute, we know our students are incredible. On the day of Talent Expo, we want the talent hungry tech community to know, too. Talent Expo is a special kind of day—a demo day, a celebration, a graduation, and a job fair all at once. It’s a chance for our grads to share their toughest challenges and greatest triumphs in a compelling 60-second pitch. Their goal? To captivate an audience of hiring managers looking to connect with awesome people and find the talent they need to grow their teams.


The 3-Part Secret to Becoming the Leader You’ve Always Aspired to Be

Do you ever question your own ability to step up and become a leader? Recently I had a conversation with a friend who wants to move vertically within her company, and be the one who’s leading projects—not just being assigned one-off tasks. The problem is, she’s a wait-too-long-to-strike kind of person, and takes too much caution for fear of failure. (more…)

3 Simple Tips to Supercharge Your Interview Skills

Some people like to interview and others definitely don’t. And that’s okay. I’m one of those rare birds who enjoys interviewing–I like to learn about organizations, how they operate, their culture and how they approach building a team. Interviewing is also a great opportunity to reflect on your own professional experience and how it all ties together. It’s a process that can help you think about what you’ve learned so far in your professional development and decide where you need to go next to find a career you love. (more…)

Building Products and Community in Chicago’s Growing Tech Sector

When Alex Kahn joined Startup Institute Chicago’s web development course in fall 2014, he’d already been a technologist at heart and was ready to take this passion to the main stage. With a degree in economics and prior experience in market research, growth-strategy, and IT for a Floridian dental practice, Alex came to Chicago ready to immerse himself in both tech skills and the tech community. (more…)

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