Kickstarting Your Sales Career: 4 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success in Sales

starting your sales career

Choosing the life of a salesperson means committing yourself to a few tough years. While it’s a gig that ultimately provides outstanding business experience, without access to the right tools and resources the majority of people don’t close enough deals to keep their heads above water. But because sales is one of the best, most lucrative ways to make a living, I’m going to let you in on four key ways to control your own destiny as a salesperson. It starts right when you walk through the door.

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My top 4 tips on how to succeed in sales:

1. Dive in Head First.

Leaders love to see new salespeople who show up with a great attitude and take initiative. As you’re starting a career in sales, be willing to take risks and put yourself out there, by introducing yourself to your new teammates, including those in leadership roles. Take the time to learn about the business in as much detail as possible. Ask about the origin of the company, its significant milestones and the guiding principles. Respect the history of the organization and feel empowered to build on it.#Leaders love to see salespeople who take initiative + #takerisks, says @CarverPetersonC Click To Tweet

2. Build Your Own Frankenstein.

Absorb what you can from those around you, something I call Building Your Own Frankenstein. Basically, find the most successful people in the office and ask to spend time with them. Prepare questions in advance, then ask them to coffee or lunch. Shadow them at meetings, role play different sales scenarios and ask for mentorship. Not only will those senior level individuals teach you a great deal about the business, but they may also create opportunities for you down the line.Want #mentorship for your sales career? Build your own #Frankenstein, says @CarverPetersonC Click To Tweet

3. Define Your “Blue Chip” Customer.

Way too many salespeople, especially inexperienced ones, waste time selling to the wrong people. While effort and activity is a big part of making traction within your sales territory, operating with efficiency and effectiveness is the primary goal. It starts by having a crystal clear understanding of your ideal buyer so that you can create measurable and repeatable results. Once you’ve zeroed in on the common characteristics of your “blue chip” client, figure out where your product and service fits, and how to present your capabilities in a unique way.Too many salespeople sell to the wrong people, says @CarverPetersonC Click To Tweet

4. Leverage Your Personal and Professional Network.

Once you know your “Blue Chip” target, it’s time to enlist the network you’ve built over the years for help. First, let them know what you are doing—this is a great way to practice your elevator speech. Field their questions to get practice explaining your product or service. Then, follow up with a thank you note asking them for help and introductions, but make sure to offer to help them in any way that you can. Remember—there is nothing more effective in reducing the sales cycle than an introduction or referral. Spend time nurturing your relationships, then use those second degree connections to reach your top target prospects. LinkedIn is a great place to start.Remember—intros + referrals are the most effective ways to reduce #salescycle, says @CarverPetersonC Click To Tweet

Sales is a great industry for emerging professionals who want a crash course in the business world. While it comes with a unique set of challenges, succeeding in the field comes down to taking control of your career and arming yourself with the right tools. If you’re interested in starting a career in sales and learning more about the sales process, follow Carver Peterson Consulting on Instagram for daily tips and insight. Questions? Contact us for more information.

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Scott Peterson

Scott is a natural leader. He has built winning teams at every stop in his career through his ability to hire and develop top talent and build a culture that promotes individual performance within a team environment. He identifies strengths easily in people and works hard to refine them and put them into the day-to-day responsibilities of the job. Scott believes that if each person is engaged and confidently bringing their strengths that the team will win. From 13+ years in a corporate structure, he has a unique balance of system and process coupled with individualism and creativity. Scott has the experience and tools to bring out the best in any organization. Scott worked for the largest staffing firm in the country and led several of their highest revenue generating and most profitable operations in Chicago, San Diego and Boston. He has more than 13 years of experience in sales, talent acquisition and professional development. Scott managed 200+ customers exceeding $55M in annual revenue and was responsible for leading more than 60 direct reports in the areas of Business Development, Account Management, Recruiting and Customer Support. Scott is a graduate of Oregon State University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. While there, he was a walk-on for the Men’s Basketball Team and a proud member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Mantra: “Maximize your strengths through a relentless pursuit of self-development and continuous learning.”

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