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David is the NYC associate director and head of partnerships, and loves connecting amazing companies with Startup Institute. Prior to Startup Institute, David served as a consultant helping develop sales and marketing strategies at early stage startups. He has also done sales and partnerships at tech companies such as LevelUp, Offerpop, Adaptly, and Truly Wireless. Outside of work, Dave loves following sports, history, and politics. He received his BA in political philosophy from Ursinus College.

How to Successfully Answer Interview Questions for a Sales Position

Before you walk into an interview, you likely have already researched what the company does and closely studied the job description for the specific sales position you are applying for. While there are many steps things you should be doing in preparation for an interview as a sales representative, you also need to know how to respond well in the moment during your interview.

As a sales representative, you have to be on top of your game in the interview. Sales is a highly competitive field full of charismatic personalities—you’ll have to make an impression on your interviewer if you hope to have a chance working at the company of your dreams. So how do you successfully answer interview questions for a sales position? (more…)

6 Résumé Tips to Help You Land a Great Sales Gig

There is no gold standard for résumés as you move from one industry to another. An engineer’s résumé will look completely different than a web designer’s, just as a technical writer’s will be structured differently than that of a sales professional. Whether you have years of experience in sales or none at all, your résumé could make or break your chance at landing your dream sales position. (more…)

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