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A student in the fall 2016 web development track with a past life in law, Emil's journey has included diving into the Tel Aviv startup scene, running in agile mode, exploring languages, building websites, managing product definition, training customers, and creating awesome API docs. He loves writing code and building products with great user experiences, and is currently working with Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JS, Node, React, and Postgres (and picking up Android development as well). Emil thinks big, is endlessly curious, happily takes on challenges, and is inspired by vision and grit.

Looking Back, Looking Forward: My Time as a Web Development Student at Startup Institute

This article by Emil Ray first appeared on Github.

It is December 5th, and the first snow of the year is coming softly down over the blue-gray of early morning Boston. I’m sitting on the 16th floor, in the quiet little corner table I’ve occupied most mornings for the last 7 weeks, drinking my coffee and watching the rooftops of the financial district gather their frosting of white. (more…)

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