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Rachel loves to relate to others through writing and recently found her way as a content marketer at Responsive Inbound Marketing. A scrappy entrepreneur at heart, she owned her own retail business for five years after which she attended Startup Institute’s fall 2016 digital marketing course. She never tires of figuring out what motivates people to become and stay customers. When her mind isn’t busy thinking up the next piece of content, she’s usually thinking about what she’s going to wear the next day. Shopping is a problem that she never wants to fix.

The 7 Easy Networking Strategies that Got Me a Job Offer

You’ve just submitted what feels like your hundredth job application. You clicked “submit” and bid adieu, crossing your fingers that someone will get back to you. If all you’re getting is radio silence from the other end, it’s time to try something differentYou know that networking can help you get a job—you’ve even heard it may be the best way to get a job—but just the thought of it makes you cringe. (more…)

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