Articles by Rajiv Nathan

Rajiv Nathan is a human Curious George, chasing a yellow hat called realness. He’s an adjunct instructor at Startup Institute, and co-founder and Ambassador of Awesome for Idea Lemon. Idea Lemon helps you Discover Your Inner Awesome and unlock your creative genius through its Edutainment platform. Think of Schoolhouse Rock for adults. Discover Your Inner Awesome at

The 3-Part Secret to Becoming the Leader You’ve Always Aspired to Be

Do you ever question your own ability to step up and become a leader?

Recently I had a conversation with a friend who wants to move vertically within her company, and be the one who’s leading projects—not just being assigned one-off tasks. The problem is, she’s a wait-too-long-to-strike kind of person, and takes too much caution for fear of failure. (more…)

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