Sam Kastan

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Sam Kastan hails from the heartland of America but feel right at home in New York's concrete jungle. As a digital marketing student at Startup Institute, he found his passion for big data and the stories behind the numbers. Drop him a line if you want to collaborate or eat some pho.

How to Crush it at Startup Institute

Eight weeks ago, I was a wreck. New York City had chewed me up and spit me out. I quit my job, had no direction, and felt totally lost. A few days from now, I will tell a room full of head hunters at Microsoft HQ about how the most notorious bank robber in the history of our country inspires me as a digital marketer. What is even more wild is that, in just a few short months, you could be doing something similar. Hopefully, like me, you will be employed, relaxed, and giddy to tell your story at Talent Expo. (more…)

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