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9 Ways to Improve Your Time Management Skills and Increase Productivity

Splitting my time as the marketing director for a small startup, teaching as an adjunct video production instructor at a number of schools, putting on entertainment events for the public, building volunteer social impact organizations, running a film festival, producing a feature film, going to Startup Institute’s immersive program, and producing commercial videos for corporations are just some of the ways I spend my daily life. (more…)

How Mark McEachran Teaches Ad-Tech Through the Lens of Retargeting

Teaching at Startup Institute Chicago has been a biannual joy for me. I’ve been an adjunct instructor for about two years, teaching one of the sessions in the digital marketing course: an intensive on display advertising.

Display advertising, particularly online display advertising, continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Starting in the late 90s, there have been increasingly sophisticated systems designed to help advertisers reach their audiences online. As a consequence, online publishing has flourished—offering readers free content, paid for by the marketing messages within the pages.


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