Tips for getting out there, getting to know people, and getting people to know you.

Top Techie Networking Events in NYC

If you’re making a career change, trying to get your foot in the door to a new industry, or developing your network in the startup community, you need to be out and about, pounding the pavement. According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, 70% of new career opportunities are found through networking, and the crowded NYC job market is far from an exception to this rule. New York’s innovation ecosystem has plenty of meetups, skill-shares, hackathons to keep you learning and growing. The trouble can be cutting through the noise. (more…)

Entrepreneurial Advice on Building a Sales Career in NYC

Alex Abelin is a startup founder, ex-Googler, and instructor in Startup Institute New York’s sales training course.

Alex founded his company, LiquidTalent, to empower people to work in a way that is most meaningful for them. He noticed three key themes emerging that are likely to shape the future of work: mobility—the ability to work anywhere, at anytime, independence—ownership and autonomy in your role, and lifestyle—increasingly fluid personal and professional lives. (more…)

How to Land Your Next Job through Networking

When you ask someone how they got a job at a startup, they’ll most likely say “oh I just knew someone there and next day I got an interview.” That’s probably the most frustrating explanation you could hear when you are on the job hunt. You ask yourself– how does that person have a job and I don’t?

From my experience, networking is key. Unfortunately, networking has such a bad reputation. Many people fear doing it or have no idea what it means. In my opinion, it is just a fancy word to to describe asking people questions and creating long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Well that sounds exhausting, but professional networking is the most beneficial tactic you can employ to not only advance your career but also help others.

Personally, I’ve applied to more than 200 jobs online, but the jobs I’ve gotten were landed solely through networking. Scary, I know. Here’s the thing though– it wasn’t easy. It took a lot of trial and error to learn how to “master” networking. Need help finding a job? Check out my top tips for career networking: (more…)

Elevator Pitch Tips That Will Get You Hired

It’s not just startups that need to pitch nowadays. In one form or another, all of us have to pitch ourselves to convince people to support us, buy from us, work with us, or hire us.

As I tell students in my pitch workshop leading up to their Talent Expo, it’s an incredible opportunity– not an obstacle. During my past job searches, I’ve never had the chance to stand up in front of dozens of employers at once to make my case. Every Startup Institute student gets that chance. (more…)

How to Crush it at Networking Events

When throwing yourself into the startup scene for the first time, attend as many relevant networking events as you can.

During the eight week program at the Startup Institute, we were actively encouraged to go to as many as possible – which I attempted to do pretty much non-stop for the entire duration of the course. It nearly killed me, but I’m so glad I did it.

Looking back now, I realise that many were not really aligned with the types of industries or areas that I’m most interested in exploring. This doesn’t really matter– I still feel that it was a valuable experience which helped me determine which are the most useful to attend.

Some of the most important connections I made were serendipitous, as well. For instance, I met a life coach who is now a client at a wine and cheese evening, and a music industry organiser who I’m now an affiliate for at a conference in Paris. These meetings were unplanned and fortuitous, so it definitely pays off to get yourself out there. Here are my top takeaways for event networking: (more…)

Navigating Your Startup Career Path with Charlie O’Donnell

We were really pumped to host Charlie O’Donnell (@ceonyc)of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures this week at our NYC campus as he aimed to guide those curious about breaking into the startup scene for ‘Find Your Startup Career Path’. Charlie hailed from two of the most venerated venture firms– Union Square Ventures and First Round— before breaking out to run his own fund out of Brooklyn. He was a pioneer in the New York tech startup landscape, being active in it for over a decade, and really has a passion for people who are looking to make an impact in the innovation ecosphere  Interested in how you can fit into this scene? Charlie has two creative strategies for prospecting to future startup employers:


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