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Startup Institute Announces New CEO And Leadership Team

Startup Institute, the leading career accelerator for the innovation economy in Boston and New York City, today announced Rich DiTieri as its new CEO. The announcement comes alongside the appointment of a new leadership team who will lead a new era at Startup Institute.

Rich first joined Startup Institute as Associate Director before redesigning its global partner experience as the Head of Global Partnerships. His most recent role was running Startup Institute’s Boston program, which has seen over 700 alumni complete the program. Prior to Startup Institute, Rich was the co-founder of Pintley, a 2011 MassChallenge Winner, and also held a technology consulting role at Deloitte. With a longtime background in business development and entrepreneurialism, he is taking on the role to grow Startup Institute’s offerings to individuals, growing companies, and other educational institutions. Rich has dabbled in entrepreneurship since high school and has a B.S. in Management for Technological Entrepreneurship from Rensselaer. He takes over the role of CEO from Diane Hessan who stepped down in June 2016 to work with the Cinton campaign.


Startup Institute Launches Its First Part Time Program

Startup Institute, the leading career accelerator for the innovation economy in New York City and Boston, today announced the launch of its first part-time program. The 12-week part-time program is in response to demand from students who want to combine study with full-time employment, while receiving the same intensive training in the most in-demand skills in the startup industry, and demand from companies who are eager to accelerate the skills of their employees and introduce the startup mindset to their teams. (more…)

Congrats to Our New Grads and Award Winners at the Spring 2016 Talent Expo

At Startup Institute, we know our students are incredible. On the day of Talent Expo, we want the talent-hungry tech community to know it, too. Talent Expo is a special kind of day—a demo day, a celebration, a graduation, and a job fair all at once. It’s a chance for our grads to share their toughest challenges and greatest triumphs in a compelling 60-second pitch. Their goal? To captivate an audience of hiring managers looking to connect with awesome people and find the talent they need to grow their teams.


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