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What it’s like to work at a high-growth company.

How to Get Hired in Startup Sales, Thrive, and Become an A-Player

How nice would it be to land a sales job at the next unicorn startup? A lot of people dream of becoming an early employee at a company, gaining equity, and cashing out, either through an IPO or acquisition. But like most dreams, it’s not always glitz and glamor. Startup sales plays by its own set of rules, usually governed by VC-based formulas for growth, and for a front-line employee, working there may seem risky and chaotic at times. (more…)

3 Key Factors to Understand Before You Join a Startup

Kyle Lacy is Head of Marketing Strategy at OpenView Venture Partners, where he is responsible for building content and marketing strategy around all things OpenView. Follow him on Twitter @kyleplacy.

If you’ve thought about joining a startup, you’ve probably heard about the seemingly endless (and often cliché) list of perks. Unlimited vacation. Free beer on tap. Video game rooms. Nap pods. I could go on, but you get the point. What you tend to hear about less is the not-so-glamorous aspects of working at a startup. These “anti-perks” often include:3 Factors to Understand Before Joining a Startup - @kyleplacy @OpenViewVenture Click To Tweet (more…)

So, That’s How Venture Capital Firms Work: VC Demystified

As a rising senior at the University of Southern California, many of my peers are interested in joining a startup when they graduate next year. For me, I’ve always been interested in venture capital, a key component fueling the startup boom. And, while the world of VC is anything but simple to navigate, I’ve been able to gain a deep understanding of venture capital and its inextricable link to the innovation economy throughout my time at USC and particularly during my internship with OpenView, a VC firm based in Boston. (more…)

How to Find a Great Job with a Great Company Culture

All startups are different, which is why it’s vitally important to take into account not only the responsibilities of the role you’re interviewing for, but also whether the company you’re interviewing with is a good cultural fit for you. Don’t underestimate the negative effects a bad cultural fit can have on your effectiveness and happiness—after all, you don’t want to find yourself back on the job hunt only a few months later. Companies with great culture and the best tech employers always take cultural fit into consideration when making hiring decisions, and you should too. (more…)

Warning! 7 Things to Consider Before Working at a Startup

Laurie Vazquez is the project manager for ed tech startup na2ure. She is also a writer and blogger.

Startups are exciting places to work. They’re fast-paced,they  offer unprecedented opportunities for personal and professional growth, and are often trying to change the world (or, at least, make some part of it better). They’re unique environments. But they aren’t for everyone.

How can you tell if they’re right for you? Here are a few pointers, gleaned from my own experience in the trenches as well as those of some heavy hitters in the New York startup scene. Remember: you might not be happy working at a startup if…7 warnings about startup life - @mslauriewrites Click To Tweet (more…)

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