Resume Rehab: 4 Tips for New Designers

You’ve finally got some design chops and updated your site with a custom template. Your portfolio pieces were posted after some much-needed pep talks from your aesthetically-minded peers. You even have some job leads in your pipeline at a few exciting new startups. There is only one problem. They are asking for your resume and that banal, black and white Word doc doesn’t showcase your talents like it should.

If it is easy on the eyes, it is most likely to be seen, shared, and remembered. Here are a few simple resume tips for designers to keep in mind:

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  1. Keep your brand consistent: Stylistic and spatial elements should be consistent on your resume. Got a colorful banner that decorates the top of your website? Awesome, have a name-plate header on your CV too. Web & UX Designer, Amèlie Lamont (@amelielamont), uses her custom monogram on her homepage as well as on her resume.Tip for new designers- Keep your brand consistent! @alisonperrie Click To Tweet
  1. Don’t sacrifice content for the sake of creativity:  Make sure the most important info is prominent. It should out stand out, be easy to read, and not be obstructed by any visual elements. “There should be a nice visual hierarchy,” says art director of Ultra Records, Jamie Stuart (@jamiestuart), who’s held design positions at New York Magazine and Vineyard Vines. “It should be simple, easy to read and of course, not have any typos. Attention to detail is important–especially as a designer.”
  1. Watch your margins: If you have a watermarked image or need your formatting just right, save it as a PDF and be mindful of borders— 1/2” all around at least, so that if your resume gets printed, no info gets cut off.
  1. Stick to one page: Keep a master copy of your resume to cull down depending on what the position entails. Simplify and expand where needed, via a cover letter or in your e-mail body or, even better, in person during the interview.

For more inspiration and resume tips for designers, check out these inexpensive resources:

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