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Looking Back, Looking Forward: My Time as a Web Development Student at Startup Institute

This article by Emil Ray first appeared on Github.

It is December 5th, and the first snow of the year is coming softly down over the blue-gray of early morning Boston. I’m sitting on the 16th floor, in the quiet little corner table I’ve occupied most mornings for the last 7 weeks, drinking my coffee and watching the rooftops of the financial district gather their frosting of white. (more…)

Expert Advice for Your First Month in Startup Sales

Selling for a startup company is a hustler’s game. Salespeople at startups  face challenges that don’t exist in the corporate ranks: you may have to build your company’s sales process from scratch and manage the entire sales funnel—from lead generation to customer retention. You may have to sell a product that doesn’t exist yet, or validate a market/ industry with few resources or support from other industries. A sales role at a startup or scaleup company also demands an integrated approach—working directly alongside marketing efforts to ensure a cohesive customer journey.

These many demands make sales for startups plenty challenging. If you’re new to the gig, there will undoubtedly be plenty to learn.

As our summer sales course nears it’s close, our sales and account management students will soon be starting new jobs in startup sales. We turned to some of our sales instructors and alumni for words of wisdom on how to make their first month on the job a success. Here are their top six pieces of advice:

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