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Tips To Foster Long-Term Client Relationships For A Successful Career In Sales

Any company is only as strong as its current client base. Businesses come and go on a daily basis, but it is the companies that heavily invest in their customer relations that stick around year after year. Whether you are entering a career in sales or are looking to become a marketing manager, you must know how to foster long-term client relationships to be successful in your field. (more…)

Entrepreneurial Advice on Building a Sales Career in NYC

Alex Abelin is a startup founder, ex-Googler, and instructor in Startup Institute New York’s sales training course.

Alex founded his company, LiquidTalent, to empower people to work in a way that is most meaningful for them. He noticed three key themes emerging that are likely to shape the future of work: mobility—the ability to work anywhere, at anytime, independence—ownership and autonomy in your role, and lifestyle—increasingly fluid personal and professional lives. (more…)

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