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David LeWine: From Commercial Fisherman to Teacher to Software Engineer at Jana

After a bit more than a year at the job, I’m still learning new things all the time and I have a sense of a lot of open possibilities that will afford continuous opportunities for learning new things — I still don’t know where this adventure will take me in the next few years, but I feel like the possibilities … will be fun, satisfying ones, and I like the sense that I am still in the midst of an adventure. —David Lewine, software engineer at Jana


Career Success Story: How Pat Adduci Hacked His Programming Career

We sat down with summer 2014 web development alumnus and software engineer Patrick Adduci to get the (impressively methodical) play-by-play on his journey from Lehigh math grad to coding course student, and finally to web developer. Read on to learn how Pat managed to leverage his skill for logic to not only ace the technical interview, but design his coding career: (more…)

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