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Elizabeth Tsung: Gaining Career Perspective At Startup Institute

“My professor—my mentor—he said, ‘you have no future in violin, but you know what I think you’re good at? Photography,’ and even then, I was only taking pictures on my phone and one of those point and shoot cameras. He said, ‘I think you have a really good eye for things. I think you should invest in a camera and start taking pictures,’ and it was the best advice he ever gave me.” (more…)

5 Strategies that Will Make You a Market Research Jedi

I spent most of last year working on consulting projects for a variety of companies. Each client came to my team with a different question: one wanted to know how to attract millennials to community banking. One wanted to figure out how they could re-design their news website to attract suburban mothers. And, another wanted to determine the feasibility of entering a foreign market with a new product. While these requests varied greatly, they shared a common starting point—market research.

In order to provide valuable recommendations for our clients, we had to ask ourselves a series of questions. What was the company providing? What were the demographics of their current customers and how were they being reached? How was each company perceived by their audience? The list goes on and on. While all these unanswered questions seemed daunting at first, we found a number of online marketing tools to support us. If you want to learn how to do market research, the following marketing tools may become your new best friends:5 Strategies that Will Make You a #MarketResearch #Jedi, by @AnnMJavier Click To Tweet (more…)

The 4 Books Every Marketer Should Read

Marketing is undergoing a seismic shift. As the world moved into the digital era, marketers had to adapt tactics to reach consumers on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets through platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter–to name just a few. And at the rate that our mediums of engagement evolve, it doesn’t seem there will ever be an end to this flux. Savvy marketers must continuously keep up with this changing landscape to ensure their skill sets are not made obsolete. (more…)

Why Your Path to Career Change Runs Through Tech City

In 2014, 27% of all job-growth in London was rooted in the tech sector— the most rapidly growing industry in all UK. If you’re a career-changer or aspiring innovator looking for a more meaningful and dynamic role than bureaucratic corporates, Tech City is a beacon– promising creativity, and a unique ability to make a deeper impact. And yet, scarcity of talent to match the opportunities available is the greatest obstacle to London’s future as an innovation superstar. (more…)

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