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Diane Drops a Beat for Innovation and Diversity

CEO Diane Hessan had the honor of kicking-off an exciting day of learning, celebrating, and rap (see below) at BostInno’s State of Innovation Forum, yesterday at the Westin Waterfront. Addressing a room full of makers and doers and entrepreneurs who pride themselves on progress, Diane started off by suggesting that, from Boston’s accelerators, shark tanks, and IPO’s, we may have reached our tipping point. But, diversity—gender, ethnic, age, and industrial—can take us to the next level. In Diane’s words: (more…)

Is 2015 The Year of Women in Tech?

Walk into a startup on any given day and you see a similar scene: jeans, headphones, beer in the fridge, and a bunch of dudes playing foosball. The startup scene, like the tech industry in general, is not diverse. In addition to people of color, women are grossly underrepresented, holding roughly 10-20% of jobs in tech companies.

This is nothing new and this is not the first it has been written about. But just 4 months after a career change, this is notable to me. As a woman new to both the tech industry and the startup scene, I was intrigued by an article I read in BetaBoston, published at the end of 2014. It claimed that 2015 would be the year that women would take back the tech industry.

After the sexist ramblings of rich white men and death threats from anonymous gamers, 2014 was seemingly a bad year for women in technology. Of course, it’s hard to take back something that we never had. Still, I found myself empowered by the idea of a year for women in tech. I wanted to stand on the fancy roof deck of a startup-turned-public-company shouting, “You can’t hold us down!,” and burn my bra while chugging an IPA. (more…)

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