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Congrats to Our New Grads and Award Winners at the Spring 2016 Talent Expo

At Startup Institute, we know our students are incredible. On the day of Talent Expo, we want the talent-hungry tech community to know it, too. Talent Expo is a special kind of day—a demo day, a celebration, a graduation, and a job fair all at once. It’s a chance for our grads to share their toughest challenges and greatest triumphs in a compelling 60-second pitch. Their goal? To captivate an audience of hiring managers looking to connect with awesome people and find the talent they need to grow their teams.


Highlights from Our Fall 2015 Talent Expo

At Startup Institute, Talent Expo is everybody’s favorite day. It is a celebration, a show, a graduation, a demo day, and a job fair all rolled up with a dash of pizzazz. Seats are filled with eager and expectant HR professionals, recruiters, founders, and company leadership looking to find their next great hires. Our graduates take center-stage to share their talents, ambition, and hustle—in a 60-second elevator pitch. (more…)

How to Turn Public Speaking from a Chore to an Opportunity

You may have seen the movie Swingers, a mid-90s comedy classic starring a young Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau. Perhaps the most popular scene features Vaughn trying to convince Favreau to talk to a cute girl. Favreau, having recently gone through a tough break-up, feels about as confident as a field mouse, yet his friend wants him to think of himself as a big, ferocious bear. Vaughn tells him: “You’re so money and you don’t even know it.” He’s trying to change Favreau’s mindset, to give him the extra confidence needed to score a date.

When it comes to networking, speaking in public, and just getting your name out there, you too are “so money,” and you don’t even know it. Once you cultivate the right mindset, the rest is just a matter of a little effort and preparation. There’ll be no stopping you. So, how do you make that mindset shift?


Elevator Pitch Tips That Will Get You Hired

It’s not just startups that need to pitch nowadays. In one form or another, all of us have to pitch ourselves to convince people to support us, buy from us, work with us, or hire us.

As I tell students in my pitch workshop leading up to their Talent Expo, it’s an incredible opportunity– not an obstacle. During my past job searches, I’ve never had the chance to stand up in front of dozens of employers at once to make my case. Every Startup Institute student gets that chance. (more…)

How to Crush it at Networking Events

When throwing yourself into the startup scene for the first time, attend as many relevant networking events as you can.

During the eight week program at the Startup Institute, we were actively encouraged to go to as many as possible – which I attempted to do pretty much non-stop for the entire duration of the course. It nearly killed me, but I’m so glad I did it.

Looking back now, I realise that many were not really aligned with the types of industries or areas that I’m most interested in exploring. This doesn’t really matter– I still feel that it was a valuable experience which helped me determine which are the most useful to attend.

Some of the most important connections I made were serendipitous, as well. For instance, I met a life coach who is now a client at a wine and cheese evening, and a music industry organiser who I’m now an affiliate for at a conference in Paris. These meetings were unplanned and fortuitous, so it definitely pays off to get yourself out there. Here are my top takeaways for event networking: (more…)

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