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Building Products and Community in Chicago’s Growing Tech Sector

When Alex Kahn joined Startup Institute Chicago’s web development course in fall 2014, he’d already been a technologist at heart and was ready to take this passion to the main stage.

With a degree in economics and prior experience in market research, growth-strategy, and IT for a Floridian dental practice, Alex came to Chicago ready to immerse himself in both tech skills and the tech community.

Career Success Story: From Technical Writer to QA Developer at WeSpire

Stereotypes are hard to kill, but Meredith Davies is working to crack the code.

Technical writer-turned-developer at WeSpire, Meredith Davies launched her programming career in our fall 2014 web development course. While in the program, Meredith made it a personal mission to address the gender gap in tech, spearheading an event that celebrated women leaders in the innovation sector. She is an upbeat and spirited woman, an expert communicator, and anything but a tech cliché.


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