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What Are the Best Resources for Learning Search Engine Optimization?

Imagine you were interested in finding a cooking seminar, comedy show, or (ahem) marketing course in New York. Assuming you hadn’t been to one before and didn’t have a referral from a friend, you’d probably start with Google. You’d type a query into the search bar and then you’d scan the results for a promising option.

Which would you select? Would you scour the search results through to page 5 or 20? Probably not. Most likely, you’d choose from the first page of search results. (more…)

8 Awesome Platforms for Inbound Marketers

Meaghan Moraes is Senior Content Specialist at Responsive Inbound Marketing, leading our technical marketing course on inbound marketing in Boston.

Inbound marketers are content specialists, promotion gurus, and natural collaborators. But, remember that inbound marketers are people, too–and helpful tools are a must in today’s competitive marketing landscape. So, which platforms are on successful inbound marketers’ radars? This marketing tools list will highlight eight awesome platforms that can seriously ramp up your inbound.8 great tools for inbound #marketing, by @RspnsvInbndMktg Click To Tweet (more…)

5 Strategies that Will Make You a Market Research Jedi

I spent most of last year working on consulting projects for a variety of companies. Each client came to my team with a different question: one wanted to know how to attract millennials to community banking. One wanted to figure out how they could re-design their news website to attract suburban mothers. And, another wanted to determine the feasibility of entering a foreign market with a new product. While these requests varied greatly, they shared a common starting point—market research.

In order to provide valuable recommendations for our clients, we had to ask ourselves a series of questions. What was the company providing? What were the demographics of their current customers and how were they being reached? How was each company perceived by their audience? The list goes on and on. While all these unanswered questions seemed daunting at first, we found a number of online marketing tools to support us. If you want to learn how to do market research, the following marketing tools may become your new best friends:5 Strategies that Will Make You a #MarketResearch #Jedi, by @AnnMJavier Click To Tweet (more…)

Startupedia: What is Guerrilla Marketing?

What does “guerrilla marketing” mean?

The term “guerrilla marketing” is derived from guerrilla warfare; combat in which armed civilians use military tactics like ambushes, raids and sabotage to take on the larger, formal military. Similarly, small businesses use guerrilla marketing tactics such as graffiti, publicity stunts, and flash mobs to take on the larger advertising campaigns of company giants. Guerrilla marketing: low cost, high impact campaigns using unconventional tactics says @monique_lees Click To Tweet


The Six Characteristics of Successful Employees at Rapidly Growing Companies

Startup and scaleup companies need doers. In the fast-moving, ever-changing space of innovation and disruption, companies rely on action-oriented employees. People who’ll take it upon themselves to identify problems and look for resourceful, creative solutions. People who can be effective with minimal direction, and people who can contribute meaningfully as part of a cohesive and powerful team. (more…)

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