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How to Land Your Next Job through Networking

When you ask someone how they got a job at a startup, they’ll most likely say “oh I just knew someone there and next day I got an interview.” That’s probably the most frustrating explanation you could hear when you are on the job hunt. You ask yourself– how does that person have a job and I don’t?

From my experience, networking is key. Unfortunately, networking has such a bad reputation. Many people fear doing it or have no idea what it means. In my opinion, it is just a fancy word to to describe asking people questions and creating long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Well that sounds exhausting, but professional networking is the most beneficial tactic you can employ to not only advance your career but also help others.

Personally, I’ve applied to more than 200 jobs online, but the jobs I’ve gotten were landed solely through networking. Scary, I know. Here’s the thing though– it wasn’t easy. It took a lot of trial and error to learn how to “master” networking. Need help finding a job? Check out my top tips for career networking: (more…)

8 Habits of Super Successful Networkers

Networking can be terrifying. The idea of striking up an unsolicited conversation in hopes of ultimately building a professional relationship with a stranger who may be able to help advance your career… whew! It can be daunting, to say the least. But, there is another type of networking which may be much more powerful and is surely significantly less anxiety inducing than event networking. (more…)

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