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The 7 Easy Networking Strategies that Got Me a Job Offer

You’ve just submitted what feels like your hundredth job application. You clicked “submit” and bid adieu, crossing your fingers that someone will get back to you. If all you’re getting is radio silence from the other end, it’s time to try something differentYou know that networking can help you get a job—you’ve even heard it may be the best way to get a job—but just the thought of it makes you cringe. (more…)

How Olympic Luging And Networking are the Same

You may think that Olympic lugers and early-stage angel investors have nothing in common, until you meet someone who’s done both, and he tells you that Olympic luging and startup networking are basically the same thing. When I was a student at Startup Institute, Ty Danco, founder of eSecLending and BuysideFX, and former Director of Techstars Boston stopped by to explain. (more…)

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