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Tips To Foster Long-Term Client Relationships For A Successful Career In Sales

Any company is only as strong as its current client base. Businesses come and go on a daily basis, but it is the companies that heavily invest in their customer relations that stick around year after year. Whether you are entering a career in sales or are looking to become a marketing manager, you must know how to foster long-term client relationships to be successful in your field. (more…)

5 Reasons Why We All Need Sales Skills

At Startup Institute, I embarked upon the sales track. Despite this, following the program, I took on the role of Editor of the Startup Magazinea digital magazine aimed at empowering the startup community with the information they need to fulfill their potential. Although I am not in a traditional sales or business development role, the knowledge that I acquired from the sales training course is still valuable to my current role and will continue to be throughout life. Here’s why developing sales skills is worthwhile even if you don’t intend to take on a sales role: (more…)

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