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Learning Responsive Web Design

Have you ever tried to buy a product on your smartphone only to find that the text is too hard to read or the page cuts off? Maybe you have tried to show a friend something interesting on your tablet, only to be frustrated when the page doesn’t lay out as nicely as it did on your laptop? Responsive web design is about using HTML and CSS to allow users to view the same web page on multiple devices with ease.


5 Top Design Companies in Boston

When you are new to the field of web design, it can be challenging to know what companies would be the right fit for you. At Startup Institute, we immerse you in the tech ecosystem from day one of the program, introducing you to our hiring partners to help you build your network and gain exposure to the companies that will be a fit for your career goals—both as a learner and a teammate. (more…)

The Top Job Roles in Tech That Aren’t Web Developer

Sometimes it feels like, if you studied computer science or software engineering in college, you can pretty much be handed a job contract at an awesome company upon graduation. I won’t lie and say that web developers aren’t in high demand, because they absolutely are— you only need to look at some of the salaries that graduates are being offered by tech giants like Snapchat, Facebook and Google to see that. However, one search for startup jobs on AngelList and it’s clear that programming skills are not the only requirement or need for landing a job at a startup.

Without further ado, I present you with the top startup roles that aren’t web development: (more…)

Resume Rehab: 4 Tips for New Designers

You’ve finally got some design chops and updated your site with a custom template. Your portfolio pieces were posted after some much-needed pep talks from your aesthetically-minded peers. You even have some job leads in your pipeline at a few exciting new startups. There is only one problem. They are asking for your resume and that banal, black and white Word doc doesn’t showcase your talents like it should.

If it is easy on the eyes, it is most likely to be seen, shared, and remembered. Here are a few simple resume tips for designers to keep in mind: (more…)

The New Startup Institute Brand: A Chromatic Shift

When I attended my first Startup Institute TalentExpo, I knew I was going to take the job. The energy and excitement in the room was palpable, and having attended a few student rehearsal sessions just prior to the big event, I had a pretty good sense of just how far the grads had come in just a few short days of tutelage under folks like Program Director Allan Telio, founders Katie Rae and Reed Sturtevant, and instructors like Miro Kazakoff.

From stuttering nervousness, to complete command of their narratives … the Summer ’14 cohort’s commencement was an inspiring and joyous thing to witness.

And so, as I made the decision to change careers and assume the mantle of CMO at a small, upstart school, I felt surprisingly secure in the important stuff. Our product works, unequivocally. It solves a real problem for real people. Our alumni are engaged, successful, and evangelistic, often self-organizing to spread the word about Startup Institute on social media and sites like Reddit and Quora. It was obvious to me that we enjoy the kind of brand loyalty and enthusiasm that most companies only dream about, and the sort of behavior that I spent years trying to engineer in some form or fashion in my career as a ad agency creative director.

Here, I knew, I would be able to focus on the parts of storytelling that feel good to craft: not the generic promises or gimmicks that inspire most folks to fast-forward through commercials and tune-out banner ads, but simply the transmission of honest and amazing results that are verifiable and repeatable. (more…)

Startup Institute Launches Part-Time Classes: RampUp in Ruby, Web Design or Technical Marketing

Want to switch careers? Improve in your current role? Get a promotion? Start with RampUp!


Today, it seems that every employer—regardless of industry—values technical skills in all forms. At the same time, learning these skills outside of the classroom can be a struggle. Startup Institute has created a program that exposes industry veterans and beginners alike to the most cutting-edge topics.

RampUp is a 2-month, part-time program that teaches introductory skills in three areas that are driving success in the tech and startup sectors. Classes simply meet once a week, in the evenings, giving students the flexibility to work on class projects on their own schedule. Class curriculum has been careful structured by leading professionals in Technical Marketing, Ruby and Web Design. One of our curriculum architects and instructors, Tom Benneche, reflected on the new Intro to Web Design curriculum:

Because of the new project structure, students will leave with a personal site which they designed, built, and deployed live. Perhaps more importantly, by joining RampUp, students gain access to the vast Startup Institute network and become a part of this growing community.”

Taught by instructors who are working professionals in their field, you’ll get the skills and insight to apply your learnings directly in your job or future position. Instructors are knowledgeable, driven individuals who want to make an impact on their surrounding communities by paying it forward. Not only are our instructors talented in their subject areas, but they are also passionate about their hobbies and are life-long learners. We have a programmer who plays bluegrass mandolin, a marketer who happens to be an excellent vegetable pickler, and a designer who is formidable on the kickball field.

All US cohorts (Chicago, Boston, New York City) will launch on the last Thursday of each month. The next cohorts are Thursday, July 31st and Thursday, August 24th. The first London cohorts launch on Tuesday, July 29th.

We hope to have you join our community! If you have specific questions or concerns, please e-mail liz@startupinstitute.com (for all US cities) or iulia@startupinstitute.com (for London).

There are still a few spots left in our July classes! Register here today to secure your seat.

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